What to Look for in a Dallas-Fort Worth CPA?

As a business owner, your Dallas-Fort Worth CPA should be someone you view as more of a financial business partner than an employee. When situations arise like an audit, your accountant should be standing by you to help your business move past it and continue to grow and prosper. They should be proactively providing you counseling and information to help save you time and money. Solid business and CPA relationships last 10+ years with little to no doubt about the value provided. When a CPA starts to drop the ball on some of these benefits, it may be time to start looking to place a new financial partner in your corner.

There are many red flags that business owners should keep an eye out for when working with a Dallas-Fort Worth CPA. In many cases, the signs for the need of a change are there, but action is not taken until the damage has been done. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • You’ve outgrown each other
  • Lack of communication
  • The billing doesn’t match up with the service you receive
  • They are unfamiliar with your work or industry
  • You find yourself getting advice elsewhere
  • You feel like there were missed opportunities in your return
  • They are reactive instead of proactive

Your Dallas-Fort Worth CPA should be able to provide the following for you:

  • Consistent and reliable communication
  • Proactive counseling with your businesses’ future in mind
  • Knowledgeable insights for your industry
  • Adequate technology for handling your tax and accounting needs
  • Timely responses to any questions that might arise
  • Transparent billing process
  • History of positive reviews and referrals
  • Peace of mind that you are receiving all tax credits and deductions you qualify for

Your Dallas-Fort Worth CPA needs to be someone you can trust and depend on when it comes to your businesses` financial stability and growth. If you have any questions about these topics, please contact our office or schedule a meeting.