Six Stars

These guys are as good as it gets. Incredibly professional, super up to date on the latest regulations and codes, and give great advice on how best to grow your business the right way. They save you so much money, time and frustration. I would give them six stars if I could.

Shawn Wells, Zone Halo Research, LLC

A Guiding Hand

I run a small Texas-based manufacturing firm. Lawrence & Crane Design’s and manufactures original art and high-end specialty furniture. Without the steady demeanor of MeredithCPAs guiding us financially as our organization has developed and evolved, I would not be able to keep L&C focused on innovation and creativity.

Austin Allen James, Lawrence & Crane Inc.

No Broken Promises

I am the CFO of two large ministries. We did an RFP for auditors years ago and the clear winner was MeredithCPAs. The first year audit and tax return was very smooth. Subsequent years were even better. They delivered on all the promises. My staff loves dealing with their team. They are valued business partners in stewardship. I highly endorse them.

Peter Wayman, Lionheart Children’s Academy

Small Business Success

I opened a small business a little over 4 years ago. Not understanding a lot of the back end things needed for my business, I relied heavily on MeredithCPAs to help me through the process. Since that time, I have used several of the services they provide. The team is extremely professional, always polite and very informative. In regards to my business, I contribute a huge portion of my success to having MeredithCPAs on my team.

Bridget Whitmire, B-Floored LLC

Every Step of the Way

I have been a client of MeredithCPAs for over 26 years. During that time, I have bought and sold multiple businesses and gone through significant family and financial changes and even a moved to another state.

Every step of the way, the team at MeredithCPAs has been there to lend assistance in whatever way was appropriate at the time. Their depth of knowledge and expertise in tax matters are second to none. But the real reason I have stayed with them for so long is that they are truly invested in my well-being. Both professionally and personally. At MeredithCPAs, you are not just a person or entity to be billed. You are a valued partner whom they take great pleasure and pride in assisting in your success.

I plan to be a MeredithCPAs client for the next 26 years, as well!

Jim Query, Voyage Air, Inc.