Here at MeredithCPAs we believe that as our clients grow and prosper, so do we. Here are some links to a few of our long term clients. References available upon request.

With us for 11+ years

Texas Garden Services has designed, built, and maintained some of the most luxurious properties in Dallas, Texas. Their comprehensive, detail oriented approach is unsurpassed in the industry.

With us for 12 years

Think Up helps clients realize a competitive advantage by providing tailor-made solutions that improve their workplace performance.

With us for 14+ years

Bloomfield Homes is one of the largest new home builders focused exclusively on the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

With us for 13+ years

GreenBean IT’s proactive managed IT services provide solutions that grow your business while eliminating the growing pains of IT related issues.

With us for 25 years

For over 30 years, Office Boy has been providing manpower for office and building managers by assisting with day-to-day operations.

With us for 10 years

Progressive Laboratories has been the trusted name in dietary supplements since 1972.