Audits, Reviews, & Compilations

Our audit work includes an understanding of internal controls, testing of selected transactions, and communication with third parties. We can also review or compile GAAP financial statements.


Outsourced Accounting

You can have a tax department, a payroll department, professional accounting staff and a chief financial officer for the price of a good, full-charge bookkeeper!

SOC Audit

We deploy custom assessments, reporting and collaboration tools so your SOC engagement runs efficiently, effectively and on budget. Speak with a SOC audit expert today and get a free quote!


Internal Audit

As companies grow and mature, it becomes necessary to document procedures, processes and controls. Our internal audit process mapping reports are an invaluable reference tool to building good internal controls.

Accounting Services Designed to:

Increase the value of private companies. Good financial reporting provides a road-map for growth and can protect from outside risks. As the owner of a privately held business, your company probably represents your biggest and most important asset. We understand how important audited financial statements are to increasing the value of your business. Audited financial statements and good accounting procedures not only to increase the market value of your business, but they also increase the number and ease of your succession options – whether it be exit, IPO, ESOP or next generation.

Banks, investors, insurance companies and suppliers require up-to-date financial information on which to base credit and risk decisions. These requirements become more common as you grow. Our audit approach is to first understand the business and the risks it faces, and then to focus our efforts where they matter most. This method is effective and cost-efficient.

Ultimately, we see our audit as more than numbers and compliance. We work with our clients to improve your overall financial reporting processes and to help you understand the key value drivers of your business. We also keep you informed about accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may affect your business.

Good financial reporting also requires internal controls. These reduce the incidence of fraud and embezzlement, one of the leading causes of failure among small, but growing companies. Contact us to see if our accounting services are a good fit for your business.