MeredithCPAs is the private business’ premiere choice for 401k audits. MeredithCPAs has a team of experienced professionals who are prepared to guide you through the employee benefit plan audit process. We combine our knowledge and experience of 401k audits with our knowledge of small business to deliver an efficient and cost effective 401k audit option to meet your business needs. Our audit team:

  • Consists of all licensed CPAs with 401k experience
  • Cause no disruptions to your business practices
  • Respond promptly to any inquiries or questions
  • Work cooperatively to ensure an efficient and fast audit process

How do I know if I need a 401k audit?

401k benefits are subject to the Department of Labor (ERISA) and IRS regulations. These regulations are set in order to protect investors and ensure that the funds are properly managed and invested in a timely manner. Our team can help ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid the high cost of penalties. A 401k plan is required to be audited if the plan has:

  • 120 or more eligible participants for a first-time annual external 401k audit.
  • 100 or more eligible participants after the initial external 401k audit.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.